Totally in love with these delicious sushi sandwiches from Lazy Cat Kitchen…. With a recipe for three difference flavours and a quick and easy pickled cabbage recipe, you’ll have these bad boys whipped up for lunch in no time…. Yum! For the recipe > Click me!!!!



I know it is way too hot for soup at the moment, but if you feel like cranking the air conditioning at full speed and pretending you’re in the middle of a wintery holiday then this is the perfect lentil soup. Check out the recipe at Pinch of Yum, they have a delicious collection of eats to make.


Corned beef was my absolute favourite when I was a child, I wasn’t so keen on the over boiled potatoes and greens but that delicious meat and mustard sauce…. Mmmmm…. Growing up as a child you could pick your favourite dish for your birthday dinner, needless to say I spent many years eating corned beef with birthday cake chasers. There are no surprises that the Reuben is my favourite sandwhich ever and I have totally perfected it, Turkish bread, smoked paprika mayo, sliced corned beef, Swiss cheese, sliced pickles and sauerkraut …. Yum yum….


It only seems fitting to post about a cake today, as today is my birthday…. Big fan of my Earl Grey, if you missed the Earl Grey Cocktail then check that out also. This cake looks amazing, with a block of butter and 5 eggs it certainly isn’t a cake you will be chomping on all day, but none the less a delicious combination of ingredients and simple to decorate want to cook The London Fog Earl Grey Tea Cake for yourself then head over to Not Quite Nigella for this and other great recipes….


Burgers, burgers, burgers…. Are you all sick of hearing about burgers yet? We jumped in the car and headed to Byron on the weekend, to check out The Farm which was amazing and hopeful we can head back again anther time maybe in the morning when Winnie is in better spirits, she really wasn’t feeling the whole idea of trudging around looking at animals, in fact the idea of a real pig petrified her, no farm girls here….

It wasn’t out intention to eat burgers since we had them for dinner the night before, I will update you on that burger next, it was epic…. Anyway we stumbled across this great looking little burger place on Jonson Street in Byron and before you know it Mark and I are craving that pickle goodness…. Well, Main Street Burger Bar didn’t disappoint, perfect pickle ratio, crunchy lettuce, tomato relish, mustard and a great soft burger bun, Mark and I thought it was amongst one of the best we have tried, and no brioche, yay…. If you are in Byron check these guys out, great fit out, perfect friendly service and delicious burgers all at a reasonable price…